DIY Marabou Puffs

DIY Marabou Puffs

   Make your own Marabou Puffs!!

All you need is a glue gun, some marabou boa trim from our shop, and a few minutes!

We sell our Marabou Boa Feathers in 1/2 meters (approx. 19.5″) for $1.95. You can make 3-4 puffs. We have Turquoise Blue, Hot Pink. Purple, and Green in stock at the moment but we are getting White, Black, Light Pink, and Royal Blue in soon!

DIY boa2

Simply cut a 4″-5″ piece from your trim and and put some hot gun glue at one end and then stick the other end to it. Fluff it a bit and pinch it together until the glue hardens. And voila!


Make your own puffs to bling up our leg warmers!


Make your own super cute Puff Clips with our hair clip supplies!


Bling up your headbands with puffs and rhinestones!


Puff Pens! Super cute and fun pen craft for a birthday party!

Puffs are a great embellishment for hair clips, headbands, shoe clips, pencil tips, princess wands, hats, and more! 
So get creative and have fun crafting your own headbands!

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Happy Crafting!